Let Your Faith Fight Financial Stress

How to Implore Faith into Finances

Financial Stress

You open your bank account, crossing your fingers behind your back, afraid to even look at the numbers across your screen.

You work overtime, maybe even multiple jobs, and scrimp and save on everything. You say no to a girl’s brunch and ride your bike instead of taking an Uber. No matter how much you cling onto your money, it always seems to slip through your fingers.

Even if we don’t want to admit it, our finances are deeply rooted and intertwined into every aspect of our lives. 30-40% of marriages fail due to arguments about money. It affects all of our relationships. Our quality of life. Where we live, what we do, and how we spend our time.

Our generation has experienced some of the greatest financial insecurity of any age group, so I get the gist.

So, when our bank account is running low and our money mindset is scarce, it can leak into our faith. Keeping the faith is difficult to maintain under these conditions. This can lead us into a downward spiral, making everything feel small and scarce.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Because our money and spirituality mindsets are affected by each other, working on strengthening and combining your finances and faith can transform the way you live your life. It’s time to turn scarcity into abundance.


Spiritual Wealth vs. Material Wealth

The main difference between spiritual wealth and material wealth is that spiritual wealth is internal and material wealth is external. Those who physically have nothing can still be abundant in spiritual wealth. It is your mindfulness, spiritual self, and happiness.

Material wealth is less constant. We can’t just tap into it to feel better or feel calm. It should add to our lives, rather than anchor us. Your spiritual wealth is your own inner spirituality and no one can take it away from you. Material wealth, however, tends to fluctuate, whether from internal or external factors.

While different, they both affect our happiness and impact our purpose. Our careers are deeply rooted in our purpose, passion, and worth. However, to push through the bad times, you need your faith.

The key to unlocking your spiritual and physical health is all about creating abundance. When you are spiritually wealthy, your monetary wealth will follow.

By healing your ego, you become humbled yet motivated. Your connection to your inner peace will be enough for you to pull yourself out of any financial hardship. When you step into your higher power, you find your purpose. You find your happiness. And the way you grow, spend and perceive money will follow.

Trusting in the Universe

An interviewer once asked Albert Einstein, “Of all the questions you’ve posed into the mysteries of the universe, what do you think is the most important question to ask?” Albert Einstein replied: “Is the universe a friendly place or not?”

How you answer this question determines how your life progresses.

Your life starts with your mindset.

To welcome abundance in your life, you have to let go. Receiving more isn’t about having more control or gripping onto every penny. You must trust in the universe. You must surrender and accept that good things are coming. That the universe will take care of you –– just as it always has.

But what does trusting in the universe actually look like in practice? I promise it’s more than just crystals and horoscopes.

What does this look like?

When put to action, trusting in the universe looks like investing in yourself, trusting that it will pay off in the end. Trusting in the universe sounds like ingraining positivity into your mind, telling yourself the words and phrases you need to hear.

It’s stepping into your higher power and living your best life now, knowing that the universe will reward you for it.

It’s pursuing your passions, taking the road less traveled, and choosing growth and change over your comfort zone.

It’s making bold and brave decisions that will help you become the best self that you already are deep inside.

How can you start trusting in the universe today? When the bills start to pile up or the bank account looks low, stay positive and focused on your purpose, and know that the universe will supply the rest.

Look at everything as an opportunity. Honestly, your finances are a great area to leverage the spiritual skills you’re working on, from affirmations, meditation, to positive self-talk. Have faith in your finances and trust that the universe will supply your needs and remove anything that isn’t meant for your best and highest self.

Emotional and Spiritual Impacts

If you trust the universe, you will find that the weight of your financial stress, anxiety, or depression feels lighter. You’ll discover that the universe has a way of making things work out and that you will be fine –– no matter your financial situation. Every time you face a hardship, financial or not, it is a test and how you respond to it is more important than how it affects you.

Doing so will help you develop a sense of optimism. Instead of seeing your financial hardships as obstacles, you will be able to see them as challenges that you are ready to face. Nothing in life comes that easily. If you believe that you will overcome your struggles, you will be able to.

Physical and Behavioral Impacts

When we lead with optimism, faith, and abundance in life, our physical circumstances and world tend to follow. Interesting, right?

When you view life through a scarcity lens, your resources and life feel half-empty. But an abundant mindset allows you to see your life as half-full. Your life starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts shape your outlook, your outlook affects your behaviors, and your behaviors make up your daily life.

When you put your faith in the universe, you can let go of what no longer serves you and make more room for what does. Instead of resigning to your financial situation, you will choose to strive. You accept and surrender to abundance and blessings, not hardship and scarcity.

This is because you will be allowing the universe to make great things happen for you by persevering through your financial difficulties. You’ll be filled with the motivation to work hard and attract new opportunities. You’ll see others through a different, non-competing lens that will help you build deeper connections with others and experience compassion and empathy for them.

You will begin to seek happiness beyond material possessions or other external rewards. You’ll be able to reach outside yourself. You might also find yourself wanting to make the world a better place and help the universe with its goals for others. You might just find your purpose.

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How Can I Implore Faith Into My Finances?

Faith is an action word. We often think of trust as sitting back and doing nothing –– but it’s anything BUT that. It’s letting go while doing our part.


One great way to start is to grab your trusty journal and favorite pen. Journaling boosts your self-awareness and helps you build a relationship with your inner world. It will allow you to find the root of your financial stress and behavior, and find a way to combat it.

Transferring your thoughts, fantasies, and worries onto paper is cathartic. Sometimes, you’re the best person you can talk to because, well, you know yourself better than anyone.

Journaling can help you release your emotions, letting you move forward with your financial journey with less stress. It can strengthen you to confront your ego on paper while propelling your spiritual growth journey, pushing you closer to having abundant spiritual and material wealth. Even just 10-15 minutes in the morning or evening can change your life.



 Meditation allows you to connect to something greater than yourself –– to your higher self and the universe. Taking the time to meditate gives you the space to be honest with your self-reflection and increase your spiritual awareness. Meditation has been proved to reduce stress and anxiety and give you more control over emotional health by helping you surrender to it. Just a few minutes of meditation each day can reduce your stress and focus, helping you improve your financial situation and through the power of your mindset. If anything, closing your eyes for a few minutes each day sounds nice, right?

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Positive Affirmations

Last but not least, the way we talk to ourselves matters. Start being your own cheerleader and stop being your biggest critic. If you’re struggling and you constantly belittle yourself, it honestly makes sense. Having someone follow you around and trash-talking you each day would make anyone feel down.

Don’t be that person for yourself. Don’t place the cap on your own growth.

Positive daily affirmations can transform your money mindset by attracting positive energy to yourself through daily reminders. The practice of affirmations involves using positive sentences to repeat to yourself to build up self-belief in your subconscious mind.

To start, try writing a list of affirmations that inspire you to overcome financial struggles and low self-esteem and repeat them to yourself daily. Tell yourself the words you need to hear.

Here are some powerful affirmations you can start with:

“I am capable of overcoming any financial challenges in my way.”

“Today I will live my financial dreams.”

“My life is filled with health and wealth.”

Over time, these phrases will shift your inner beliefs and your money mindset, making you more positive about yourself and your financial situation.

“Trusting the universe” isn’t just nonsense. It has the power to transform your life spiritually, emotionally, physically, and behaviorally. YOU have the power to transform your life.

Mindset isn’t a substitute for momentum; you still have to do the work, the mindset just makes it worthwhile. Trust is an action word –– by choosing abundance, you can choose growth. You can choose purpose. You can choose happiness.

Say your affirmations, write in your journal, do your meditation, trust in the universe, and get to work. You’ve got this, you wealth magnet.


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