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Arika's coaching was nothing short of transformative for me. I came to her feeling stuck in cycles of people-pleasing and self-sabotaging by creating walls that prevented me from truly pursuing the life of my dreams. Through her compassionate and trauma-informed coaching approach, Arika helped me uncover the underlying traumas that were holding me back. I've not only become more attuned to my own needs but also broken down the barriers that stifled my creativity. Now, I feel more aligned with my purpose and ready to make my dreams a reality.
I've been a holistic practitioner for years, but the integrated plant medicine and coaching session with Arika brought new depths to my understanding of healing. I left the session feeling rejuvenated and aligned.
Holistic Practitioner
I've spent years in traditional therapy, hashing out my past and particularly my complex relationship with my mother. While it's been helpful, it wasn't until I worked with Arika that I experienced a real breakthrough. Her incorporation of ancient modalities like Reiki and crystal healing unlocked emotional doors I didn't even know were closed. Now, for the first time in my life, I'm in a healthy, loving relationship. Arika's approach didn't just help me heal; it helped me transform.
Mark J
I came to Arika feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of single parenting, especially with a child who has faced some adverse experiences. Her empathetic and holistic approach made a world of difference to both me and my child.
I've always struggled with anxiety and childhood issues that I couldn't quite understand. Arika's coaching has been transformative, giving me the tools to face my past and the courage to build my future. Her work is like a blueprint for emotional freedom.
Arika's methods have inspired me not just personally but also professionally. I've integrated some of her mindfulness techniques into my work with students, and the results have been remarkable. She truly understands the younger mind and how to foster resilience in it.
School Counselor
I've been to different kinds of healing spaces, but Prism Vibes is uniquely empowering. The plant medicine ceremony was an experience of deep emotional release and newfound wisdom. I'm grateful for Arika's compassionate leadership.
Executive Director

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