Life Circle

The Life Circle below is broken up into individual segments. They are intricately connected as they make up the whole of the circle of your life. There are many important segments of our lives that contribute to the whole. When any of those segments fail to grow into their fullness, it effects the overall balance of your life circle. Use this circle chart to measure your sense of satisfaction with each life segment.

Now what does your Circle of Life look like? Is it small and in need of growth and nourishment? Is it bursting at the seams? If it were a wheel, would it roll smoothly? This can be an effective illustration to point out how deficits in one area can negatively affect all the others. Bringing balance and fullness to your Life Circle is what we hope to achieve in the coaching process. Identify your areas of need and bring them each up to speed together to bring balance to your life.

Three quick tips to help you find your life’s direction…

1. Get Clear on Your Current Circumstances

It’s hard to see a path forward without knowing where you stand. If you spend hours trying to sort out what you want, what you love to do, and how to be yourself – or even believe in yourself, you’re so not alone.

It’s totally normal to find yourself frozen by all the choices out there. But when this happens, you’ve got to take action… If you don’t, you might give up your power.

Instead, try turning inwards and taking stock of your current circumstances. What’s lifting you up? And what’s weighing you down? Why haven’t you taken those necessary steps towards the future of your dreams?

2. Investigate Your Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that hold us back the most. This isn’t to suggest that beliefs are something to turn your nose up at – they’re a powerful, life-shifting force… But they’re also easily overlooked.

Why? Well, it’s hard to objectively examine something you’ve always understood as a fundamental truth.

Maybe no one has ever encouraged you to turn your gaze inwards and examine the thoughts that underlie your actions and inaction – I want to be that person. Because I’m willing to bet that your beliefs have everything to do with your current circumstances.

3. Take Small Steps Towards Your Goal

Once you’ve gained a bit of clarity about your life’s purpose, set some mini-goals to help get you there. Think of things you can take immediate action on. Say you want to find a fulfilling, satisfying job, make a commitment to check Indeed on a daily basis to see what promising opportunities are posted.

Setting yourself bite-sized goals will give you a sense of achievement and build up your confidence. So when it’s time to cinch your dream career, you feel fully capable.


Wait a minute – let me introduce myself…

Hey there, I’m Arika 👋 I’m the founder of Prism Vibes, a company, dedicated to empowering people to break and rise above limiting patterns and ignite their purpose and find their version of happiness. We connect people to their purpose by promoting awareness of limiting patterns which allows individuals to break and rise above them. We offer an array of services to self-healing and ignite your purpose.

After spending nearly a decade working for an international corporation, I know just how disheartening a dead-end job can be. Perhaphs you think it’s impossible to live out your purpose and have a satisfying, financially-fulfilling life. Or fear keeps you from believing in yourself and your abilities.

Whatever your roadblock is, know you can do it and I can help you. My love, your life fueled by purpose and passion are waiting on you.

Extra resources to help you find your version of happiness and align with your life’s purpose…

  • Check out my blog! I post articles on topics ranging from finding your unique path to creating your own life. Whatever your life or spiritual conundrum maybe, I’ve got it covered.
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