This angelite and angel aura bracelet will help bring peace and elevated awareness.


Angelite is a powerful stone that protects the environment and you. It raises your state of consciousness. Angelite facilitates connection with your spirit guides and helps to connect with your higher self. It also helps you to speak your truth, promotes communication, and self-expression. Encourages faith and tranquility while dispelling fear, anger, and anxiety. Angelite promotes compassion and counteracts cruelty. It transmutes pain into wholeness and healing, clearing the way for spiritual inspiration. It creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility and unites the energy of the universe and raises awareness.


Angel Aura is a highly rejuvenating stone. It emits calmness, serenity, and accentuates the beauty within. Angel Aura Quartz is also a crystal of joy that helps connect you with both the divine and others. It is an essential crystal that should be with you at all times. Angel Aura Quartz helps you open energy blocks. It’s associated with the heart, crown, and third eye chakra. It’s an effective tool for aura cleanser and chakra alignment. When you use this crystal during meditation, you will fall into a state of peace and serenity and experience a higher and deeper level of meditation.


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