By reframing how we talk about money and changing our stories, we can feel worthy of it. It’s about deservedness. Once you get past the narrative that you don’t deserve it or money is just something other people have, the positive energy of money can flow into your life.

Financial Abundance Meditation

Attune to Financial Abundance


When we lead with optimism, faith, and abundance in life, our physical circumstances and world tend to follow. Interesting, right?

When you view life through a scarcity lens, your resources and life feel half-empty. But an abundant mindset allows you to see your life as half-full. Your life starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts shape your outlook, your outlook affects your behaviors, and your behaviors make up your daily life.

When you put your faith in the universe, you can let go of what no longer serves you and make more room for what does. Instead of resigning to your financial situation, you will choose to strive. You accept and surrender to abundance and blessings, not hardship and scarcity.

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Benefits of this Money Story Meditation

Reduces stress

The stories you heard about money growing up aren’t always true.

Your worth is not tied to money!

You can make a change in your life. It’s all about persistence and passion.

Manifesting the Life of your Dreams

To move forward, you need to heal your relationship with debt

Increases Self-Awareness around Money

Positive Mindset

Improves concentration

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