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What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are specific statements of what we want our lives to look like. They’re also very positive declarations about ourselves. These positive affirmations help you eliminate negative thinking and engage in more positive, uplifting thoughts.

Turn your negative things into positive things, so you understand that positive self-talk and affirmations aren’t necessarily something extra that you need to find time to create. Start today by reframing the thoughts you’re already having into positive ones? Examples of how to develop positive self-talk and affirmations from negative ones.

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Medical, psychological, and behavioral experts all agree: Affirmations and positive commentary make people happier and healthier, as well as more productive, goal-oriented, and resilient, than negatively-focused feedback. Yet nearly half of us never say anything kind or encouraging to ourselves. Here’s the thing: Self-talk, especially self-affirmation, is how you define who you are and find your purpose in life. Generally speaking, self-talk is the most crucial internal conversation you have with yourself about your actions/experiences. To that end, effectively using self-talk for success in life requires that you practice it right. The basic steps for engaging in the right kind of self-talk are:

  1. Recognize what self-talk is when it’s done right; The “best” self-talk is positive and process-focused. Positive self-talk is compassionate (“I’ trust my own impulses”), optimistic (“I’m confident and capable, and I will do my best!”), and celebratory (“I’m proud of myself for trying”). It has proven benefits like:
    • Increase in self-confidence
    • Decrease their stress levels
    • Greater life satisfaction
    • Reduced pain
    • Increase in physical well-being
  2. Understand where negative self-talk comes from. Negative self-talk is belittling (“I’m dumb”), destructive (“I shouldn’t even bother”), and pessimistic (“I’m never going to do it”). People who engage in negative self-talk feel more stressed and depressed than their more positive peers. This is because they create a reality where they don’t have the ability to be successful.
  3. Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations. Affirmative self-talk (or using affirmations for success) is arguably the most powerful kind of positive self-talk. Like process-focused self-talk, affirmations bypass self-judgement (“I’m good/bad at this”) in favor of identifying things that you can own and feel proud of (“I worked hard on this”).

For example, if you wish to attract someone new into your life who is meant especially just for you then affirming this every day will help make it become a reality sooner. Say: I am worthy of meeting a partner that will love me completely. I am deserving of true love. I will be happy and enjoy a healthy relationship with someone who treats me well. 

Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones using our affirmation worksheet. It was crafted to help you work through the self-talk continuum and create affirmations to change your life.