Create Your Own Mantra

What is a Mantra?

Mantras in Sanskrit means are sacred utterances [2], which can be as simple as a syllable, a word, or a verse. Mantras are mindfulness practices that induce a meditative state allowing your body to turn off “the flight or fight,” which causes toxic stress and ultimately chronic health conditions down the line.  When using mantras, they help calm your mind and bring your awareness back into the present moment. There is a lot of confusion around the difference between mantras and affirmations because most modern-day mantras are affirmative statements. Mantras differ because it is meant to be spoken whereas affirmation work by simply writing them down or listening to them.  Also, mantras do not have to be entire sentences, words. The main focus is the sounds and energy, which is why you hear om, which activates your crown and third eye chakra, practice in many yoga spaces. The magic sauce is the repetitive nature of speaking your mantra or using it as a focus in meditation. Our voice is one of the most powerful sound healing tools we have

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Why Practice Mantras?

There are many different strategies you can use to help you reframe life’s challenges.

Mantras are a great tool to use to help reframe life’s challenging situations. Mantras also help us combat anxiety and stress.

Cognitive reframing is a technique used to shift your mindset so you’re able to look at a situation, person, or relationship from a slightly different perspective. With Reframes the facts remain the same, but a deliberate shift is made in how we see it. This skill is integral in creating resiliency.

The Benefits of Mantras

Chronic stress causes a considerable amount of physical problems. Tension can cause musculoskeletal pain and headaches, respiratory distress, heartburn, stomach pain, and appetite loss [13]. What’s more, elevated levels of stress hormones increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke, or impaired immune responses that lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic disorders like diabetes, and insomnia [13].

Mantras give you the same benefits as other mindful practices, stress, anxiety reduction, improved focus, boost in memory, relation satisfaction, emotional regulation, and many more. [3] When using mantras, they help calm your mind and bring your awareness back into the present moment.

Once you've got your mantra created, then you're ready to live life, charging toward your goals and tackle anxiety one moment at a time.

Reframe with Mantras

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