Boundaries Worksheet

What are Boundaries?

When thinking about boundaries, I like to use the analogy that you, the artist, are defining the canvas in which you create your masterpiece, your life. Like many great artists, they strategically draw, sketch, or map out where they plan to place each of the key elements that will shape the masterpiece.

Boundaries are the foundation of healthy relationships and a strong sense of self-worth. They are guidelines, agreements, or intentions you use to guide the way you co-create the life you want. Boundaries can also be physical, psychological, or emotional.


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How to create boundries worksheet

Boundaries Worksheet

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Boundaries Misconceptions

  • Setting boundaries makes me selfish
  • Boundaries are a sign of disobedience
  • Boundaries are restrictive or somehow
    depriving me of something
  • Setting boundaries, I will be hurtful to others
  • About controlling others
  • It hurts me, When others set boundaries,
  • Limits your ability to have relationships
    with others
  • Boundaries cause feelings of guilt
  • Setting boundaries won’t work because the
    other person(s) won’t respect them.

Boundaries are Our Responsibility

Boundaries are a wellness and self-care practice that protect your talent, time, and energy from being taken advantage of, overcommitting, overworking, feeling overwhelmed, and physical and emotional abuse or harm.

We give up the blame and victimhood and transform that into empowerment. Take back control of our lives.
Clear on limits

We need to know when to say “yes” and also when to say “no” to important people in our lives so we can take control and not feel like a puppet on the end of everyone else’s strings. Setting boundaries involves being responsible for our own words, actions and responses to others.

Boundaries allow you to have your own personal space and privacy, your own feelings, thoughts, needs, and ideas. They allow you to be yourself rather than an extension of someone else or who someone else wants you to be.

If you need someone to hold you accountable to your boundaries, I just might be that person. Let's hop on the phone to see if I might be the person who can help you. You can find time to talk here.