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“Hello my love, I’m honored to join you on your journey.”

Feeling stuck or disconnected from your purpose? That’s a sign; a call for transformation. I’m Arika Trimnell, and I specialize in weaving ancient wisdom and modern, trauma-informed strategies to help you align with your authentic self. At Prism Vibes, we know that your path is uniquely yours, and that’s why my coaching is personalized to you. From deepening spiritual understanding to gaining clarity in your life’s work, I’m here to guide you. Ready for a profound shift? Click the link below to fill out a quick questionnaire and kickstart your transformative journey. Together, we’ll explore the uncharted territories of your soul, giving you the actionable tools to live a life of purpose, peace, and fulfillment.


In my work, I guide your mind toward breaking free from limiting patterns and embracing your true potential. By blending ancestral wisdom with trauma-informed approaches, I’m not just changing thought processes—I’m catalyzing life-altering transformations.


I’m committed to helping you uncover what truly ignites your spirit. Together, we’ll align your unique talents and passions, not just for immediate satisfaction but to leave a lasting legacy. It’s about more than finding your ‘why’; it’s about making it come alive in every aspect of your life.


In our journey together, we’ll also focus on nurturing your body—the sacred vessel that makes all other pursuits possible. Through various healing modalities, ranging from plant medicine to somatic practices, we’ll tailor a regimen that supports not just your physical well-being, but also your greater life’s purpose. Because fulfilling your destiny requires a strong foundation, and your body is just that.


Together, we’ll delve into the spiritual aspect of your life journey, exploring the divine connection between your inner self and the universe. By combining ancient wisdom and trauma-informed strategies, I’ll guide you in strengthening this sacred bond. By tapping into the God within you, we’ll illuminate a spiritual path that aligns with your purpose, heals your soul, and broadens your understanding of the universe you’re a creator of.

In our transformative journey together, we’ll focus on four pillars: mind, body, purpose, and spirituality. We’ll equip your mind with tools to shatter limiting patterns, using a blend of ancient wisdom and trauma-informed strategies. For your body, we’ll tailor a holistic plan that supports your unique purpose. Speaking of purpose, we’ll ignite the passions that set your soul on fire, creating a meaningful legacy. And spiritually, we’ll deepen your connection to the divine within, harmonizing all aspects of your being.



Are you ready to transform?

unlock your inner wisdom with personalized spiritual coaching

Your Wholeness Starts at the Core: Our Philosophy on Spiritual Care

In a world that often focuses solely on the physical or mental aspects of well-being, the spiritual element can sadly be neglected. I wholeheartedly believe that spirituality serves as the foundational cornerstone for total health and well-being. It gives our lives meaning, purpose, and direction.

When we overlook spiritual care, we end up seeking guidance from external sources that don’t resonate with our true selves. This misalignment often leads to feelings of disconnection, anguish, and a lack of fulfillment.

Authentic Living Through Spiritual Care

By nurturing your spiritual well-being, you begin to operate from a place of authenticity and connection—these are the true sources of joy, peace, contentment, personal freedom, and success. It’s from this enriched spiritual core that you can genuinely create the life you’ve always envisioned.


How Arika’s Spiritual Coaching Incorporates This Philosophy

The entire coaching journey is rooted in these principles, offering not just a transformative experience but a holistic one. A blend of ancient wisdom, plant medicine, and trauma-informed strategies ensures that the spiritual dimension is not just included, but prioritized.


Are You Ready to Build the Life of Your Dreams?

Don’t just daydream about the life you desire. Book a session today to start your transformation from the inside out. Click below to embrace spiritual well-being as your cornerstone to a better life.

How to Change Habits

Are you looking for a deeper connection to the universe and a way to unlock your inner wisdom? Look no further than Arika Trimnell’s expert Spiritual Coaching services.

How Arika’s Spiritual Coaching Work

Tailored to Your Unique Spiritual Journey

Many people find that generic self-help approaches fall short of their expectations. That’s why Arika Trimnell’s Prism Illumination Coaching integrates time-tested ancient wisdom with modern, trauma-informed techniques. The blend creates a dynamic and deeply personalized spiritual coaching experience, using everything from metacognitive mindfulness to chakra balancing.

Ignite Your Inner Transformation Through Spiritual Coaching

Are you tired of feeling like something is missing from your life? Unlock your inner wisdom, gain a deeper understanding of your purpose, and experience total life transformation. Arika’s spiritual coaching isn’t just guidance; it’s a holistic roadmap to emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

  • Find your place in the bigger picture of life
  • Listen to your gut feelings with confidence
  • Get unstuck and live the life you’ve dreamed of
  • Get advice that’s all about you and your needs
  • Learn how to bounce back from life’s challenges
  • Break old habits that are holding you back
  • Feel peace and joy, every day, in every way.

Your Spiritual Journey, Step-By-Step

No one wants to step into the unknown without some idea of what to expect. The spiritual journey with Arika begins with a comprehensive questionnaire, providing a foundation for personalized coaching sessions. From there, you’ll delve deep into transformative practices, strategies for overcoming life’s challenges, and tools for unlocking your full potential.


Authentic Stories of Transformation through Spiritual Coaching

Why take our word for it when you can hear directly from individuals who’ve already walked this transformative path? These testimonials offer insights into the profound shifts in spiritual, emotional, and even physical well-being that our clients have experienced.

Your Transformation Awaits with Arika Trimnell. Are You Ready?

 If you’re at the point where you’re ready for more—a more fulfilling career, more satisfying relationships, more inner peace—then don’t hesitate. Click the button below to take the first crucial step on your transformative journey with Arika’s personalized spiritual coaching.


Your Spiritual Coaching Questions, Answered

Navigating the path toward self-discovery and spiritual alignment can be daunting. But you’re not alone in your quest for understanding. Our FAQ section is designed to demystify the experience and empower you to take that next transformative step. From session duration to the nuances that distinguish spiritual coaching from traditional therapy, we’ve got you covered.

Spiritual coaching is inclusive and adaptable, aimed at complementing and deepening your spiritual or religious practices, not replacing or conflicting with them.

Spiritual coaching is most effective for those willing to engage deeply with themselves. It requires an openness to explore belief systems, behaviors, and even your past to align better with your current life and future aspirations.

While therapy often focuses on diagnosing and treating emotional or psychological issues, spiritual coaching is more about forward-focused, holistic growth. It integrates ancient wisdom with modern, trauma-informed approaches to facilitate your personal and spiritual development.

Depending on your comfort level and needs, alternative therapies like plant medicine ceremonies can be part of the coaching experience.

A blend of ancient wisdom, modern psychology, and trauma-informed strategies are employed to guide you towards a balanced life, aligned with your purpose.

The journey is individual, and results can vary. Many clients experience profound shifts even within the first few sessions.

Each session typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes, ensuring we have ample time to explore and initiate positive change.

Yes, virtual sessions are available to ensure that distance isn’t a barrier to your personal growth and spiritual alignment.

If you’re seeking more than just momentary relief—if you’re looking to understand yourself better, to align with your purpose, and to live a life that genuinely resonates with who you are—spiritual coaching could be your path to that enlightenment.

Since we’ll be co-creating your coaching plan, the financial investment can vary. I offer a range of packages tailored to meet different needs and financial capacities. And it’s not just about a transaction; it’s an investment in your holistic well-being. To ensure accessibility, I also offer payment plans and reciprocity models. We can discuss these options in detail to find a solution that honors both your journey and your budget.

Committed to helping you prioritize

Committed to helping you prioritize, achieve, and maintain your optimal health.

Devoted to helping

Devoted to helping you connect or reconnect to those that matter the most.

We believe abundance

We believe abundance is your birthright, should you want it.

Dedicated to helping

Dedicated to helping equip your mind to shatter limiting patterns and find personal freedom.

Committed to helping

Committed to helping you find what sets your soul on fire, connecting your talents and passions as you create a legacy.

We believe that in changing your world

We believe that in changing your world, you will help change the world of others around you for the better

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