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Are you feeling stuck in your current role, company, or career path, or just in life? Do you want to gain back control of your life? Do you feel like you’re missing that passion you had?

Then let me help.

I’m Arika Trimnell, the founder of Prism Vibes, dedicated to helping people harness their spiritual power to heal and evolve. I left a successful position in the corporate world to start my spiritual empowerment and mindfulness business with a mission to help those who also felt stuck, lost, burnt out, reconnect to their “why,” and ignite their purpose. I’ve dedicated my life to researching the intersection of stress, trauma, spirituality, and mindfulness throughout our lifspan.



Have you ever said to yourself?

Then don’t worry, you are not alone. Your feelings are signs and symptoms that there is a problem that needs attention.

Did you know:

I was an African American child born in LA I was exposed to several ACEs. at an early age. My subsequent move to an environment that allowed me to harness my internal power allowed me to build resiliency. Laster as a black woman in Corporate America I went through a lot of on-the-job trauma. Honestly, it was this trauma that gave me the opportunity to dig further into my spiritual practices. The more trauma, microaggression, sexism, racism, you name it.. the more I leaned into my spiritual practices. My spiritual practices allowed me to reconnect to my “why,” staying in toxic places like a lotus flower does blooming despite my environment. I have made the companies millions in revenue and achieved countless awards. Now I am making it my mission to help others who feel stuck to get unstuck, learning to love or leave the position they are in.

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P.S. For Organizations looking for looking to create Wellness Workshops to change corporate culture, boost retention, promote career development, reduce Health Care spending due to injury prevention, and build cohesion check out my Speaking Page.

Committed to helping you prioritize

Committed to helping you prioritize, achieve, and maintain your optimal health.

Devoted to helping

Devoted to helping you connect or reconnect to those that matter the most.

We believe abundance

We believe abundance is your birthright, should you want it.

Dedicated to helping

Dedicated to helping equip your mind to shatter limiting patterns and find personal freedom.

Committed to helping

Committed to helping you find what sets your soul on fire, connecting your talents and passions as you create a legacy.

We believe that in changing your world

We believe that in changing your world, you will help change the world of others around you for the better

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